Continental Screw Sold To Iowa Firm

October 2010 | St. Joseph News-Press | Jennifer Hall       Download PDF      Print

Good people, good product, good equipment

An Iowa-based manufacturer purchased a St. Joseph company last week with plans of growing in the future. With the help of Allied Business Group in Kansas City, Continental Screw Conveyor closed the sale of its 60,000-square-foot location to Meridian on Thursday.

"It was a nice transaction not only for them but for the community," said Tim Skarda, President of Allied.

Continental, located at 4343 Easton Road, has about 30 employees and has been around for more than three decades. Both Continental and Meridian are similar in product lines and are in the material handling industry.

"I thought it was a good fit from my background in manufacturing and in the Midwest," said Joe Canfield, president of Meridian in Pella, Iowa. "Good people, good product and good equipment are three key things to have a successful company," he said. "That's what attracted me to the business. It's a good name."

Timing was everything and Meridian has plans to build upon the existing success.

"We're looking forward to growing (Continental) where it's at with the people there," Mr. Canfield said. "We think it could thrive. It's about retaining jobs in St. Joseph and growing a local company."

According to the website, Continental has been building bulk material handling equipment for 70 years.

*Allied Business Group was renamed Mariner Capital Advisors in October 2017.