Marital Disputes

Ownership of a closely held business can complicate divorce proceedings. In order to determine a fair and equitable distribution of marital assets, the value of the business must first be known. We can assist you by determining the appreciation or depreciation of the business interest during the marriage, reviewing another appraiser's report in the divorce proceedings, and testifying as an expert regarding the value of the business at different points in time.

Our professionals have helped attorneys develop case strategy based on the court of jurisdiction, assets held in the marital estate, and the opposing side's appraiser. Additionally, they have assisted with evaluating and negotiating settlement offers, provided discovery assistance, and served in mediation settings.

Mariner Capital Advisors also provides forensic services to assist the court in determining equitable divorce settlements. As forensic experts, we can perform tasks such as tracing assets to determine separate versus marital property, identifying diverted or unreported income and double-counted expenses, and identifying undisclosed property.